IP Broadcast Intercom System

Yunisys IP broadcast intercom system is based on NGN architecture and uses international standard SIP protocol, which has excellent compatibility and functional scalability. It can realize the overall solution of "voice broadcasting + intercom + multimedia console", flexibly realizing the functions of voice intercom, broadcasting notification, background music, etc. It can realize multi-level architecture management to meet the needs of different scenarios.

IP Broadcast Intercom Solution
The system takes the standard SIP protocol as the core, supports third-party equipment access and interconnection with the existing IP communication system and IMS system to realize multi-system integration; the system provides SDK development interface to dock with third-party systems.
Business Convergence
A single system integrates communication, broadcasting, recording, conferencing, management server and other functional modules; a unified console operator interface, in an electronic map can be completed on the phone, intercom, broadcasting, video, alarm and remote control operations.
Efficient Collaboration
Distributed deployment, by dividing multiple partitions and configuring multiple dispatch consoles, a single console can handle multiple service calls at the same time, and support collaboration between dispatch consoles to improve the service efficiency of the monitoring center.
Supports MP3 High Quality Voice
Support 320Kbps high quality MP3 SIP call broadcasting, can play real-time or timed cycle of high quality music broadcasting to regional terminals.
High Fidelity Speech
Telecom-grade voice quality, the system supports the international standard G.722 broadband voice coding, combined with the unique echo cancellation technology, compared with the traditional PCMA coding, high-fidelity, high-definition sound quality.
Powerful Features
Help intercom, broadcasting system, security alarm system, access control intercom system, command and dispatch system, telephone system, monitoring system in one.
Support Multiple Languages
The system supports three languages: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and English.
LED Industrial Touch Screen Console
New IP multifunctional scheduling terminal, built-in small network switch, external a network cable that is through the Intel network. Sturdy, stylish and powerful multimedia dispatching console.

Core Features

LED Touch Screen Dispatch Console

Independent Research And Development
  • Independent industrial-grade professional scheduling console, with solid, shockproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, heat-resistant multi-slot and easy to expand and so on.   
Easy Maintenance
  • All I/Os change the previous way of exit, from the lower part of the chassis back frame vertically lead to the customer's application, maintenance brings great convenience.
Military Grade
  • Integrated industrial grade low power consumption embedded duty. The material adopts aluminum-magnesium alloy, with light volume and beautiful shape. Reach military grade.


Manufacturing Plant

Managing the large factory through our PA and communication system.


Healthcare & Hospitals

Providing the reliable communication for the whole hospital.


School & Campus

The unified communication and PA platform to provide safety to students and staffs .


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