Yunisys Communication Solution for Unattended Parking Lots

Car parking facilities are everywhere, from on-street parking bays and open-air lots to multi-storey parking garages and fully automated car parks. With the development of IOT and smart parking technology, more and more parking lots are beginning to use automatic equipment and unattended solutions.

Being unattended does not mean that there is no need for management. On the contrary, the parking lot relies more on a stable and efficient broadcast intercom system to ensure communication between parking customers and the control centre.

Protect and assist customers around the clock

Intercom Communications-In event that parking customer are having issues and any help is required.

Assist parking customers at entry/exit barriers

Answer customer questions about parking fee via intercom on the ticket machine

Ability to call up a nearby camera

HD Voice communication between the Help Point and service centre

Notifications, warnings and great music

Through IP speakers throughout the parking lot, you can send various voice notification messages in a timely and effective manner.

Issue emergency evacuation notice to whole parking lot

Scheduled notification or background music playing

Linked with IP cameras to warn of criminal behavior in a certain area

Network Topology Diagram

Yunisys unattended parking intercom solution mainly consists of terminals like SIP intercom and speaker at the entrance/exit and parking lot, cloud control center or central management center. The system is based on IP network communication technology, which can realize the call and intercom quickly and clearly between parking customers and the management center. Customers can contact the management center and administrators through the help terminals installed at the entrances and exits of the parking lot and get remote help in case of emergencies in the parking lot, which can largely improve the user experience of unattended parking lot and reduce the operation cost of the parking lot. The multiple parking lots can be unattended at the same time and managed by one remote cloud control center.

All-in-one Solution

Instead of purchasing additional separate phone, intercom and paging system, Yunisys solution offers it all with market-leading unified communications.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly Integrates with existing security and management systems in parking lots. Quick deployment and cost savings.

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1-Parking Customers

Easy Access to Services: Customers can communicate quickly with parking lot management personnel or control center through the broadcast intercom system to obtain necessary service support, such as reporting lost vehicles, entrance barrier issue and payment issues, etc.

Convenient Information Access: The broadcast intercom system provides real-time information within the parking lot, such as parking availability, fees, temporary notices, etc., allowing vehicle owners to obtain necessary information promptly and enhance their parking experience.

Enhanced Sense of Security: In cases of safety hazards or emergencies within the parking lot, the broadcast intercom system can issue timely alerts or emergency notifications, helping vehicle owners take necessary precautions and enhancing their sense of security.

2-Parking Lot Management

Improved Efficiency: The broadcast intercom system facilitates real-time communication between parking lot management personnel and customers , reducing the time delay in information transmission and improving parking lot management efficiency.

Emergency Situation Handling: In emergencies, management personnel can issue alerts or notifications promptly through the broadcast intercom system, guiding customers to take appropriate measures to maintain order and safety in the parking lot.

Enhanced Service Level: Through the broadcast intercom system, management personnel can promptly respond to inquiries and complaints from customers, improving the service level of the parking lot and enhancing user experience.

3-Maintenance Personnel

Real-time Fault Feedback: Maintenance personnel can receive relevant fault information through the broadcast intercom system and promptly address equipment malfunctions or maintenance needs to ensure the normal operation of facilities.

Emergency Response: Management personnel can promptly notify hospital staff in emergencies via the intercom system, enabling the implementation of appropriate emergency measures and response strategies.

Efficient Collaboration: Maintenance personnel can communicate in real-time through the broadcast intercom system to coordinate work arrangements and task assignments, improving maintenance efficiency.