Yunisys Communication Solution for Manufacturing Facility

As plants modernize network infrastructure to support IP-based communication and improve network topologies. Network Administrators appreciate the ease of deployment of Yunisys dispatching intercom system to build and configure public address (voice paging), security intercom, and emergency notification systems using the network.

Manufacturing plants of all sizes are deploying Yunisys intercom systems and IP endpoints such as IP speakers, IP intercoms and IP phones to improve productivity, safety and employee safety.

Safety is the first priority in production

Intercom Communications – Seek help immediately in case of emergency

–Intercom Point are widely available throughout the manufacturing plant

–One button direct connection

–Ability to call up a nearby camera

–HD Voice communication between the Intercom Point and management office

Sending notification to specific zone

For large factories, covering a wide area, a fully functional broadcast system is needed to deliver various messages.

–Emergency evacuation broadcast covering the entire factory

–Scheduled broadcast to and from get off work

–Sending working instruction to workers in different zone.

Phone system

Empower entire plant to stay connected at all times from production site to office , from the workers to managers.

High quality voice talk for daily communication.

Quick start the video conference between different departments.

Network Topology Diagram

Yunisys manufacturing communication solution provides robust notifications for voice paging, emergency alerts, loud ringing, and secure door access in manufacturing settings. Seamlessly integrating with unified communication systems, Yunisys industrial-grade IP endpoints ensure that your manufacturing workforce remains informed about crucial events such as shift changes, daily updates, and emergency situations.

All-in-one Solution

Instead of purchasing additional separate phone, intercom and paging system, Yunisys solution offers it all with market-leading unified communications.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate with the current communication system in plant. Quick deployment and cost savings.

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1-Production Line Workers

Quick Communication: They can communicate directly with other departments or management personnel to resolve production issues, improving production efficiency.

Receiving Instructions: They can receive timely notifications of work instructions, changes, or emergency situations, reducing downtime on the production line.

Safety Alerts: They can promptly receive safety alerts or emergency notifications, taking appropriate safety measures to ensure their safety.

2-Maintenance Personnel

Real-time Monitoring: They can monitor equipment status and operating conditions in real-time, promptly identify and address equipment failures, reducing the risk of production interruptions.

Quick Response: They can respond quickly to equipment issues on the production line, providing maintenance support to ensure equipment operates smoothly.

Collaborative Communication: They can communicate with operators to understand equipment usage and problem descriptions, better providing maintenance services for the equipment.


Instant Communication: Management personnel can use the system to send notifications, instructions, or emergency alerts to the entire factory or specific areas, ensuring timely communication.

Real-time Monitoring: They can monitor the situation in various areas of the factory, understand production status, and personnel movements in real-time, aiding in making timely decisions.

Emergency Response: They can respond quickly to internal or external emergencies, providing guidance and support to ensure employee safety.