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Providing the reliable communication for the whole hospital. In a modern hospital ward environment, patients and medical staff need to communicate frequently and efficiently. The SIP medical intercom system can ensure the quality of this communication and meet the real-time communication needs between medical teams and between medical staff and patients, aiming to achieve efficient, clear, and stable communication within the hospital.

Yunisys PA system and terminals are deployed extensively in hospitals for public address IP voice paging, notification, patient monitoring, and premise security.

Calling&Talk,the first step of life-saving

Intercom Communications –In event that patient feels uncomfortable or any help is required

–Intercom Point are widely available throughout the hospital and sickbed

–One button direct connection

–Scheduled notification on the appointed time

–Ability to call up a nearby camera

–HD Voice communication between the Intercom Point and nurse station

Phone system

Empower entire hospital to stay connected at all times from patients to doctors, from the nurses to orderlies.

–High quality voice talk for daily communication

–Quick start the medical condition or surgery solution discussion in virtual meeting room

Sending notification to specific zone

Collaboration is an important part of medical treatment. When a patient is rushed to the hospital in an emergency, zone notifications can quickly prepare relative doctors.

–Instant patient rescue preparation notification to the relative medical department at first time

–Scheduled notification to remind patients to take medication

–Sending dispatch notification to doctors in different zone

HIS Integration

Yunisys system supports to be integrated with the hospitals' current HIS system to read the latest patient information and display it on the nurse workstation software, medical host, medical auxiliary machine, ward door station, bed extension, information publisher and other equipment.

Network Topology Diagram

Yunisys terminals are often deployed throughout hospitals in waiting rooms, along hallways, etc. As standard SIP terminals, Yunisys devices function in most leading UC, Collaboration, and Mass Notification environments beside working with Yunisys PA server for paging, alerting, and secure door entry. With a range of visual and audible alerting technology to optimize most leading VoIP systems, an effective communication system can be built into any cloud- or premise-based environment.

All-in-one Solution

Instead of purchasing additional separate phone, intercom and paging system, Yunisys solution offers it all with market-leading unified communications.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate with the current HIS in hospital. Quick deployment and cost savings.

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1-Medical Staff

Continuous online Real-time communication and collaboration: Medical personnel can achieve real-time communication and collaboration through the IP intercom broadcasting system, enabling quick responses to patient conditions or medical emergencies.

Enhanced efficiency: Rapid dispatching and coordination via the intercom system can improve the efficiency of medical staff, reducing communication time.

Improved Security: Utilizing the intercom system to promptly notify medical staff in emergencies enhances hospital security management and emergency response capabilities.

2-Patients and Visitors

Service Information Provision: Patients and visitors can receive hospital service information through the intercom system, such as appointment guidelines, visiting hours, etc., enhancing their overall medical experience.

Emergency Assistance: In emergencies, patients or visitors can use the intercom system to seek help or call medical staff, increasing their sense of security and trust.

Convenience: Access to necessary information is made convenient and quick through the intercom system, without the need for additional manpower or waiting time.


Monitoring and Management: Utilizing the intercom system for internal monitoring and management, including personnel dispatching and equipment management, improves hospital management efficiency.

Emergency Response: Management personnel can promptly notify hospital staff in emergencies via the intercom system, enabling the implementation of appropriate emergency measures and response strategies.

Data Analysis: The intercom system can record call logs and other data, allowing management personnel to analyze this information to optimize hospital operations and management processes.