Security for School & Campus

The unified communication and PA platform to provide safety environment for all students and staffs.

Safety in schools is a growing concern. The protection of students and teachers in the event of danger is often considered a basic requirement at schools. Besides personal safety, this includes the protection of property during and after school hours. The need of security communication is on the rise, especially in schools.

Our solution is keeping schools be safe, on ordinary school days as well as in emergencies.

Emergency Communication anywhere and anytime

Intercom Communications In event that someone feels threatened or any help is required

–Emergency Call Points are widely available throughout the school

–One button direct connection

–Ability to call up a nearby camera

–HD Voice communication between the Emergency Call Point and Central Security

–Graphic and Text Call Location Information displayed at Central Security

Do not miss the important information

With the help of advanced PA system, the central Security can send any form of notification quickly and easily to whole school range.

–Instant emergency notification to the entire school with loud and clear audio quality

–Scheduled notification to the appointed zone of school

Phone system

Empower entire campus to stay connected at all times from classroom to playground, from the student dormitory to management office.

–High quality voice talk for daily communication

–Quick start the discussion in virtual meeting room

Access control

The access control system is the first barrier to effectively prevent unexpected accidents.

–Accurate identification and only authorized persons are granted access

–Threat prevent at the point of entry

Network Topology Diagram

Yunisys provides a cost-effective and easy way to build an IP security communication solution for intercom, broadcasts, door access, video surveillance, emergency call points, and more in schools.

All-in-one Solution

Instead of purchasing additional separate phone, intercom and paging system,Yunisys solution offers it all with market-leading unified communications

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate with the current communication devices such as telephone, camera, alarm and speaker in school. Quick deployment and cost savings.

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1-Security Staff and Manager

Continuous online

Rapid response to emergency situations

Know what happen through video intercom or camera linkage

Friendly user interface reduces the possibility of misoperation and improves efficiency

Accurately display the call location on the map to avoid delays in processing due to inability to describe the location clearly

2-Students and Staffs

Communication devices everywhere enhance safe feeling

Immediate response to emergency calls and inquiries

Clarity and speed in providing assistance through video intercom

Confidence boosted by direct voice contact with Security Personnel


Improving management efficiency, reduce human resources and time costs

Improving management methods, and optimize school operations through the analysis of system data

Enhancing the school's reputation and gain parents' trust by the advanced security system